You Bring the Kids  -  We Bring the Rest

Retreats, special events, and youth group meetings are how we facilitate our vision. We can plan an event for you or you can hire us as your guest speaker. Either way we will leave a lasting impact on your middle school and high school youth.  Based on the book, Pillows For Your Prison Cell, the experience will inspire and empower youth to break free from the bad habits and addictive behaviors that are already beginning to entrap them.  Then we'll show them a path to freedom in the full, rich, and meaningful life that GOD has designed for them.  Mark D Bullard, author of Pillows For Your Prison Cell, has years of experience leading middle school and high school youth in both retreats and youth group settings. You can hear an endorsement of Mark from a youth pastor at the bottom of this page.

Our retreats are more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and you now how much fun those are!  But they are not just fun, they will also leave an impact on the young people's lives.  Every youth will receive a copy of Pillows For Your Prison Cell, and we'll look closely at the lessons from it in a God-centered, encouraging and supportive environment. In each of the four sessions, we first look at examples from the story, then to the Bible to see what God has to say, and finally we see how these truths apply in our own lives.  All of this is presented in a No More Pillows workbook that is also included with the price for every attendee.  Over the course of event we will offer a balanced mix of interactive talks by Mark D Bullard, small group conversations, and individual time for reflection.  We also have plenty of time for worshiping our God together, and having a ton of fun.